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The first 3 pages of Belleville Story by Vincent Perriot

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Masterstudy done for class ovo

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gotta draw random ladies

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Hello guys! 
I’ve got a portfolio update! :D 

I fell in love with Krysta Rodriguez and her performance in The Addams Family Broadway Musical a few months ago… and I thought it would be fun to explore my own take on the Addams Family… and well… here it is! haha xD  

This truly was a learning experience for me because I can clearly see how much I need to improve and how far away I am from where I want to be.. However I’m glad I pushed myself to go outside my comfort zone! It was well worth it.

Lastly, I wanna thank my amazing teachers/mentors who walked me through this process these past few months! I owe all I’ve learned to them <3 

I will be posting Part 2 of the portfolio shortly so stay tuned! 
OR you can check it out at LissyMarlin.com if you want :)  

Thank you guys <3 

so lovely

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"Was discussing Zelda vs Peach today with a friend. They were my fave characters in Super Smash. I was trying to explain the subtlety of design and how you can express a lot about a character even before you seen how they behave. I did a quick redesign to illustrate my point. Peach is an extrovert, so she’s up and out. Round against flat, with a little bounce thrown in. Zelda on the other hand is down and in. She is long and lean, with a much narrower silhouette. She has a lot more substance than Peach, so her clothes are highly decorated, plus a fair bit of her face is obstructed by her hair. There are a few more subtleties thrown in as well. Have fun looking for them"

By Daemion Elias

Nailed it.

Perfect comments, re: design! You can definitely tell a lot about a character’s personality before they act based on their design if it’s good enough! I love these interpretations.

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More sketchbook pages.  Done while waiting to see if Frozen won.

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Where you feel it

bringing this back because important 

"I hate that guy so much he makes my dick cold"

but what is spiderman so ashamed of

This is actually fake but the spiderman thig is funny

you all are so dumb haha *points and laughs*

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1.maybe she think me a cool guy.

2.how dare i touch her…

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